Regional Learning, San Luis Potosi

Today was a lot about walking. We went through town, into churches, cathedrals, chocolate stores (yes this place is famous for good chocolate and I approve), museums and markets. We started the day with an activity with blindfolds. Being led by a guide we walked around on a plaza, into a building, crossing a street, tasting sweets, chocolate and liquor. It was a great activity and we even took pictures without looking, haha! These kinds of things really makes you realize how fortunate you are. What would I do without my eyes? How could I possibly survive without seeing all the beauty in the world? Like this beautiful city for example! It’s covered with cobblestones, parks and cafés. Love it.

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  1. vem är killen i randigt Annicka?:) lyssna på Nina Kinert-play the world om du har möjlighet :D kramis

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