Sunrise in Mexico

This is Emma, me, Vanessa, Michael, Amanda, Line and Brooke who had fika the other day.

We went to Starbucks where they have christmas-cups already!

Sergio and Caecilie in the park.

Line, Emma, Amanda and Brooke the day of the show where we performed for the first ladies of Mexico. This is outside the hotel where we performed.

And this is from this morning. The sunrises in Mexico are as just the other sunrises in the world, freaking beautiful.

Today we joined a parade…

…and we were all dressed and painted in green, white and red. This is Dru.

And this is Kim.

It was confetti everywhere.

People were sitting and standning on top of buildings and houses to watch the parade.

After the parade we left the little town (which btw is the town we’re ending our tour in and I can’t spell it so I wont).

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