Yesterday was a good day, to start with. Me, Amanda and Linus were signed out to work with our Swedish culture presentation. We therefor sat down at a Starbucks for pretty much all day, enjoyed tea, christmas music and the company of eachother. And we worked efficiantly on our presentation.

So everything was good.

Until I started to feel sick. It was like all my energy just dissapered and I felt really sick. Shelsey helped me to get a taxi and I got home. The taxi ride costed 35 pesos. I gave the cute taxi driver 40 and stampled out of the car. My host mom met me at the door, helped me to get in and I remember that I tried to talk to her but I didn’t succed very well. Went directly to bed and slept for 20 hours.

Feel better today. I still feel weak but a lot better. I have to be good tomorrow because we have our culture presentation then. And as my mom said: But Annicka, you can’t go and get sick like that .

3 reaktioner på ”Sick.”

  1. Tack för gratulationen kära du!

    Jag laddar för fullt..Dansmakaronerna är på och pengar rullar in..Det går bra nu!

    Stor kram

  2. Krya på dig, så du kan vara med på Culture Day i morgon! Lycka till! Jag tänker på dig! Bamsekram…

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