Pictures and update

Yesterday was a long (yet awesome) day. We went to the pyramids I always forget the name of and then we went downtown Mexico city for a little sightseeing tour. It all looked like this:

After a goooood day we got picked up, had dinner and chilled before we went to a club. It was crazy. I haven’t been at a real club in months and we were a good little group. Had that combined with open bar, good music and lots of dancing. I loved it. Afterwards we went to a Burrito place because some of us needed some food. Cool thing happened while we were sitting there. A song from the Mexican medley in our show was played and of course we all sang along. The men working in the burrito place looked at us, wondering how the white-non-speaking-spanish-people knew this Mexican song.
We came home at around five and I went to brush my teeth. While getting up for a glass of water I find my host dad joining in and started drinking with the others. I couldn’t believe it, I mean, I was done. But they weren’t. So I went to bed and slept well.

Today has been a cozy day. Slept in, had a small hangover (or more like a: don’t move to fast, cause you’ll feel it in your body) and just chilled. Went to the supermarket with Will and our host dad to get some stuff for the barbecue we had tonight. People started to show up and we just hung out, ate, drank very good red wine and ended up singing karaoke for hours. It was a lot of fun! And that’s what’s still going on upstairs. More people have come and the party is going on. I’m just too tired to join right now but I feel bad going to bed. I guess I have to socialize for a little bit before I hit the sack.

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