Mexico city

I’m currently in the largest city in the world. I don’t feel smaller than usual.

Host family is great, the people are friendly, weather is strange (below freezing in the morning and in the nights and around 20 degrees Celsius in daytime), houses are colorful and I am right now sitting in my bed in a basement in our house in Mexico city. I’m roomed with Katelen, Gio and Will.

Arrived yesterday morning (after a looong travel day that started at midnight after our last show in America and striking down the equipment) and spent our first day (today) doing community service. My group went off to our CI-sight where we were told that we were going to ”build a house”. Well. Miss in communication, yes. We arrived at the construction place and helped cleaning, sweeping the building. So no building, although we did destroy some concrete. We therefor got done early and went walking in the lovely weather. Had ice-cream and enjoyed the part of the city we were in (which I have no idea what it was).

Here’s a big chunk of pictures I took today. Some are from the construction place (the building is btw supposed to be a home for homeless children. Around 70 kids are going to live there) and some are from the walk we made through town afterwards. Now it’s time to sleep.

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