A plan that didn’t work out, but still turned out. Good.

My genius idea of walking outside to say goodnight two and a half hours ago didn’t work out as planned.

I ended up talking to a Mexican girl named Melanie and realizing how fortunate I am that can travel like I do. Her biggest dream was to go to Russia and she was super excited and I told her that if she wanted to go then she will. I also laughed very bad at a big guy, who barely spoke English (especially not with the amount of alcohol he had in him), trying to impress his friends by counting to 3 in German and I had to work as some kind of witness for the whole thing. I admired Will’s DJ-skills (and realized he reminds me a lot of Julian) and I danced salsa with a cute guy who looked like a teddy bear and that had to ask someone else to ask me to dance cause ”his English was so bad” when everyone knew it was because he was shy, as teddy bears are. I also a couple of times had to explain why I was not drinking anything. ”I don’t feel like it” was not an acceptable answer but that was all I had to say so I got some weird glances here and there (and yes it bothered me a lot).

I did all these things and probably some more until the cold killed me so much I couldn’t feel my feet. I kissed everyone goodnight and went to bed. Here am I now, trying to regain heat into my feet. I am going to read a little in my book (I’ve been longing for it since I put it down this afternoon after sitting in the sun, in the grass reading). Hundraåringen som hoppade ut genom fönstret och försvann, here I come.

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