Time makes me crazy. But I love it.

I got some money in my pocket, shoes on my feet. In my own little world.

D.C. is running by.

Yesterday we did some work at a Foodbank in the DC-area. My group packed candy in banana boxes to be sent to people that needed it. Yes, the foodbank had a lot of other stuff, like FOOD and stuff, we just happened to pack candy.And just so you know, I’ve never seen so much candy in my whole life.

In our show we talk a lot about how music is the universal language and how it really brings people together. We all agree on it, but do we ever think about how it really works? Hans held a little workshop with us yesterday. Or not even a workshop, really, more like a chill little moment for just listening to music. We just sat down, silently, and listened to the music. Differenced the instruments and tracks, felt the beat, made choreography in our heads.  Some of the songs we listened to:

  • Matthew West – My own little world
  • Wicked – Defying gravity
  • Citizen Cope – Let the Drummer kick

Had a great little night with Nancy (a girl from Mexico/California who is my current room mate). We went and had Coldstone (I was in heaven) and then went shopping. I got some awesome jewelery (that I really wanted) and a candle (it smells like peppermint and I want to eat it). When I am at home I always lit candles so I’ve been thinking of getting a little candle to bring with me. I feel like I really need one now when it’s so dark.

Today was also a good day. We were divided in groups. My group went to the IFC world bank and performed for them. It was a lot of fun, I had the best lunch in forever (wraps with like REAL ingredients and a fresh salad), we messed up on gumboot  (one of the dances) by coming in too late so we literally RAN on stage but it was so much fun and gave us so much energy I just think it made it better.

After the show at IFC we went to the next show location. The former embassy of Iraq that now is the consulate of Iraq. We met so many cool people (and whole bunch of cute guys from the navy/army etc) and the performance we did went really well. I mingled with a lot of people.

I probably have a lot more to write. I have so many things I want to share. I want to write about religion, about love and about people. I wish I get time soon. Tomorrow and Saturday is show days. Sunday is host family day and on Monday we leave for Harrisonburg. Time makes me crazy. But I love it.

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