Mom & Dad. Mary. Hans & the rest of the cast. Thank you.

I really need the sleep. But I have three things. Three things that are about people. And chocolate.

1. Emmas parents came today and they brought stuff that my parents gave to them before they left Stockholm. It was some clothing, surprise chocolate (omg Marianne!) and a big hug. I could really feel that hug mom and dad. Miss you!

2. Alex’s grandmother walked up to me today and asked: ”Annicka? I have something for you.” I believe I’ve only exchanged greetings with this woman before, if even that so I was curious! She told me she was inspired by my blog and that she has enjoyed following it. Mary, if you read this, thank you! I got really moved! She gave me a little gift to show her gratitude. I wish I could give something back! How many hugs did I give you?

3. Today in greenroom I cried. It has happened before and it is really annoying because you have to redo your makeup (and there is little time between the end of greenroom and the start of the show). Hans talked about how much we do, how we inspire him and that he loves us. He started crying and a lot of us followed. Well, Hans, you inspire me, as well as the rest of the cast. I am so thankful for the people I am surrounded by right now. I consider you my family and I don’t know how life is going to be after December 14th.

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