Last day in Taiwan

We spent 29 days in Taiwan. It took us 29 hours to get back home again. Home to America, that is. 12 degrees Celsius and a light rain welcomed us. I really enjoyed Taiwan but it feels good to be back in the states. The time we spent in Taiwan was very lagom, if there could be an english translation to that swedish word.

Here are some pictures from saturday on our day in Taipei.

Emma, me, Caecilie, McKenna and Breah.

Me, Caecilie and Emma on the top of Taipei 101.

A homeless man in Taipei.

Outside the CKS Memorial Hall, where we had our to last shows in Taipei.

My last day in Taiwan was spent together with my host parents David and Judy, a lovely couple from Ohio who moved to Taiwan because they happened to get the opportunity. ”Why not?” was their reaction to the offer. I admire that, the way of just going for it. I want to live my life like that, taking chances when they show up and live for the adventures.

I started my day with writing a bunch of postcards.

We had breakfast on the roof patio. Some kind of pancake with egg inside was what we had. A chinese dish which is really good, and probably easy to make.

We planned to go up in the mountains and so we did but the weather was not on our side and we ended up literally inside the rain cloud. We couldn’t see anything and decided to drive down the mountains, yet on the other side where the ocean is. We had a great day, went to some kind of ”rock museum”, where there were weird rocks, shaped by the ocean. I hadn’t seen the ocean since I left Sweden so I was really excited. I also got the possibility to put my hand in the Pacific. Wonderful.

Seeing the ocean reminded me of home.

Although it was still very different. We don’t have these rocks in Sweden.

But it was beautiful.

Me and Judy.

David and Judy.

David and me.

We headed back up the mountains, and the sight was still very bad, and went to a restaurant where we had made a reservation.

Because of the bad weather we were pretty much alone in this restuarant in the mountains.

We ordered in all different kinds of things. This is different kinds of peanuts in what we think was soy and sesame oil with chili’s and leek. It’s probably easy to make at home.

The food was delicious, for sure the best Chinese meal I had in Taiwan. I was happy to end my stay with this gorgeous meal.

We left this gorgeous apartment..

…with this gorgoeus view at around 7 pm and went to the facility where we were supposed to meet up. We then spentthe night there with some debreaf on Taiwan and our experience, had a small dance party and just talked until we almost fell asleep (and that was the time we headed for the airport).

Now it is very much time for me to go to bed. But before I do, Felix, min älskade bror, grattis på födelsedagen!

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  1. SÅ otroligt kul att följa din resa! Längtar efter dig, tänker jämt att jag ska ringa dig men inser att de inte går! :( Hoppas du har de underbart. Vart i Usa ska ni vara nu? love <3

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