Lack of sleep

I’ve done it again. Fallen asleep in an inappropriate moment.

I’ve realized something. Since I don’t sleep enough in my life right now, my body gets into some kind of coma mode as soon as I sit down and relax. Whenever I sit still and don’t talk my body believes it is OK to sleep and it automatically turns into a coma mode. It doesn’t matter if the ongoing activity is interesting – if my body or mouth doesn’t move, I will fall asleep.  I’ve fallen asleep during interesting speeches, workshops, a concert, classes we had in the monestary, movies etc etc.

This falling asleep thing really bothers me, but I guess it’s my bodies way of preventing getting sick. Because I don’t get enough sleep and that’s a fact. I guess I just have to live with it. I will sleep next year, or when I die, and these small comas, naps or whatever we want to call them, is what prevents this lack of sleep from getting me sick.

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  1. Hej, jag känner igen dedär. Jag var ”så bra” på att somna under vårat halvår, så jag fick ett ”narkolepsi”-award i slutet. Motiveringen löd for beeing able to fall asleep at any given moment, even at dinnertime.

    Men ett tips kan vara att gå upp å gå, gå ut en stund, skölj ansiktet med kallt vatten, be ngn brevid ”hålla koll” på dig så du inte somnar.

    Ha de bra!
    Hälsa Dave å sophi från mig!

  2. I love the part ”…if my… mouth doesn’t move…! Hahaha
    Seriously, you should really appreciate the ability of falling asleep at any given moment, but… only when YOU want too! That’s the next thing to train for.
    Love you!

  3. Jag vet precis vad du menar. När jag reste med UWP skojade vi alltid och sa: Don’t miss anything now, you can sleep next year!
    Tack för ”pratstunden” tidigare idag!
    Kram, Mami

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