Hello Goodnight.

Time flies (freaking thanks I am the pilot) and I have barely time to write about what’s going on. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. Enjoy.

On show day in Salisbury, Maryland, I had the smallest kiwi in my life.

I had dinner with Kathleen, Josie and our host sister Alyssa at her grand parents beautiful house by the river.

Performed a small back track show at the Mexican cultural institute a few days ago.

Linus enjoyed the sunshine.

Me and Nancy took a long walk Sunday morning. The weather was lovely and we passed a parking lot with only yellow cars.

I went to the National Air- and Space museum with Karen (one of my host moms), her daughter Anna-Claire and Nancy. This picture is taken in the old observation tower that used to be a part of the airport.

This picture is also taken from the observation tower.

Space shuttle information.

Nancy, Anna-Claire and me in front of Enterprise.



We made cookies one night. I made Pacman.

Marjo looked good downtown D.C. yesterday.


From the top of the tower in the old post office.

Caecilie and me in front of the White House.

McKenna in front of Lincoln Memorial.

Caecilie in front of the Washington Monument.

We passed some squirrel. This one I wanted to name Åke.

Åke again.

I spent the afternoon yesterday at the national Air and Space museum located downtown. There are two different ones. Since everyone that wanted to go somehow managed to go before lunch I ended up going myself. It was actually kind of nice and I ofcourse walked around in my own little world of excitement. Saw the movie ”Journey to the stars” and realized I didn’t have time enough for all of the cool stuff.

In the bathroom of the museum the hand dryer was soooo strong. My skin moved when I dried my hands and the little sticker attached to the machine was way to fun not taking a picture of.

Charly from Germany won a competition and got a Hitler mustache. We laughed our butts off.

I walked this beautiful set of steps today. I love the Halloween decorations.

A cool thing that happened today was that I ran in to a guy working for NASA and had a little chat. Turned out that he worked in Cape Canaveral, now transferring to D.C. and lived in the exact same area I had Christmas last year. Small world. Now: Goodnight.

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