This week has gone by fast. We’ve done three shows so far, some community service (I’ve been at a farm but the weather was not relyable so we ended up being inside folding letters and putting them in envelopes) and having some regional learning in downtown Harrisonburg (it is one street pretty much). I’m sure the fact that it is fall is affecting my likes of this city, because the colors of the leaves, the smell and everyting is unbelievable, but I still feel like this city is very sweet. It it small and the people are nice and the houses remind me of home and there’s a lot of students etc. Here are some pictures from the week.

On our way from D.C to Harrisonburg we went in a really old bus rented from the camp we’re going to next week.

We arrived in Harrisonburg and it’s all covered in orange, yellow and red. It is beautiful and I love it.

Joelle in the girls dressing room on show day. This is how privacy works in Up With People.

I played a little bit with free lensing. This is Nancy.

And this is Andrew.

On regional learning while walking around downtown Harrisonburg me and Emma found this and got all crazy.

We then sat down at a small café  (at the visitor center itself) and had fika. It was a really adorable café with a romantic old fashion style.

We got a pot of a Roibos tea called ”Provence”. It was soooo good.

Packo is teaching Xu Juan spanish.

Anieks parents took me, Aniek, Lore and McKenna to dinner yesterday. We went to Texas Steak house and while waiting for our table we had peanuts from the big barrels and we threw the shells right on the floor, because you were allowed to. After dinner we went to their hotel for tea. Thank you for a great dinner!

Today I went with my host mom out to a little farm to buy apple cider. We also spent the day eating swedish pancakes (that I made), finding Halloween costumes, driving out to the golf course where we could see a beautiful scenery of leave trees (oh those colors!) and also looked for a charm for my bracelet (with no luck).

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  1. Vet inte om jag sagt de till dig men tack så mycket för vykortet från Taiwan! :) blev super glad! Jätte kul att se alla fina bilder du tar på bloggen!
    Saknar dig <3

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