May you live everyday of your life.

I love Boston. If there is one city in America I’d live in, there’d be Boston. Without a doubt.

This has been an inspiring day. The weather has been so nice. The leaves are red and orange, the sun is shining and the temperature has been perfect. People are nice, the city was beautiful and the inspiration has been flowing.

We – me, Emma and Caecilie – started off in the Trinity church’s gift shop. I got some cards, a book – Whatever you think, think the opposite. by Paul Arden and a small world globe and a coin with a quote on (pictures will come). We then got tickets to go inside the church and it absolutely took my breath away (and remember that life is not about how many breaths we take but about how many moments that take our breath away) because it was so incredibly beautiful and mighty.

We then went inside the Boston public library which was gorgeous too. Had the perfect cup of tea (temperature, amount of milk, strength…) in a small garden inside the library. A fountain stood in the middle of the garden and we sat on chairs of black steel.

We got to see the most of Boston on our ”Duck-tour” which was a sightseeing ride on an amphibious car (going on both land and water). When in the water I even got to steer it! It was an awesome tour and the guide was hilarious. We got lunch on the tour in brown paper bags (one of the things was mac&cheese in a plastic bag which was so funny I didn’t know how to react and I ended up not eating it which was maybe sad cause now I can’t say I’ve had mac&cheese in a plastic bag on a duck-truck in Boston).

I then walked around with Line, Amanda and Linus in some stores. I got the worst stomach ache of my life and wanted to both die and cry (in that order) so we sat down on some steps in a park and had ice cream. The sun shone and life was beautiful although I was in pain (sitting down helped a lot).

We took the commuter rail home and I went the last two stations alone. Then walked the most enjoyable walk I’ve had in forever. Listened to music that makes me think of autumn (Hello Saferide) and took a bunch of pictures. This little community is b e a u t i f u l.

I feel like I don’t have words to put on my feelings. I feel so much right now. Can not describe. I’ll end up this post with a quote I’m hoping to live after. Especially if every day was like today:

May you live everyday of your life.

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  1. Annicka!

    I think you live according to your quote. You’re so good at reflecting over, and living through, every moment and experience.
    All the feelings you have that you can’t put words on, save them inside of you. They will make you a richer person!

    I love you! / Mami

  2. Jag läser, reflekterar och inspireras! Du skriver väldigt levande, vilket gör det hela mer härligt! Fridens!

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