Probably way too much information

Much have happened. I got worse. Spent two days in an apartment on the 11th floor (with the view of the second tallest building in the world outside my window) and felt like shit. At some point in my fever I remember thinking I had a tumor in my head because it hurt so bad and I imagined how I would look with my hair shaved off for surgery. I slept, had medicine with my cute Taiwanese host mom coming in to me every now and then saying: ”Baby”, ”Beautiful” or ”I’m solly” because it was all she knew in English.

But I got better. So now I am back on track. In Taipei that is. This city is huge. And I’m small. Feels like I’m not going to have enough time seeing it all. I’ve changed host family too (because UWP thought the one we had was too far away). The new one is Australian. I feel spoiled for being treated as though I’m at home but I’m not afraid to say I like it. The pot we boil water in for tea in this house happens to be the exact same one as the one we have in our kitchen at home. So mom and dad: if you put on tea water one of these days- think of me, cause I’ll be having tea out of a boiler just like the one you’re using! In this family they also bake bread, so the house smells wonderful, they have some things from IKEA, they drink wine with their food (that tastes western), they eat yogurt with granola and fruit for breakfast (I’m sorry but I can’t do more rice and nudles 7 o clock in the morning!) and they speak English. I was slowly entering a stage of culture chock when it came to the food here since I think the food part wise made me sick. This whole western-family-situation pressed ”stop” on the culture chock  and I don’t have to worry about it. The family have two kids too and they’re adorable.

The neighborhood is so amazing. We live in the northern Taipei, up on a hill with a nice view. Yesterday I ran  into two swedish boys. It was so random and it made my feeling of home grew even more. I was out walking by myself just to try to figure out the city just around us and I listened to music. I listened to Joshua Radin as I memorized the way I walked so that I would find my way back again. The sun was shining and life was pretty beautiful. When two light, blonde boys, age 11 or 12,  jump out of the dark haired crowd, I paused my music, curious about what language they would speak. They pass me and I could clearly hear them speak swedish and still I excused myself and asked ”What language was that?!” Well. We talked for a bit and when I realized I didn’t have that much in common with these two 12-year-olds (except of our background and the lovely feeling of home it gave me<3) I said goodbye and went home.

Later at night me and Aurora went to the birthday party that was held at a club somewhere in Taipei for Aniek and Kyle yesterday. It was open bar and a lot of people from the cast was there. I had a really good time, although the night went by so fast and all of a sudden we had to go home. On the MRT home we meet students from Guatemala. They encourage us to go there instead of to Mexico at the end of our tour, ”Mexico is not as exotic! Wouldn’t it be much cooler to say you went to Guatemala!?” Getting off the MRT we bought banana milk (it’s the best: it’s natural banana flavored milk and it is so much better than it sounds! promise!) and dark chocolate at 7-eleven and got a taxi home. A cockroach meets me at the sink in the bathroom and I freak out. The cockroach isn’t big, but the antennas are.  But I don’t scream. I carefully, yet panicking, wash me hands and face and freak out even more when the creature lifts and graciously flies away from the sink. I read Aldrig Fucka Upp until I fell asleep.

We went to church this morning. I enjoyed being surrounded by western people, all speaking English. After the service we went to a barbecue at the pastors apartment. They had a lovely two-floor-apartment with a patio on the roof. A nice overlooking on parts of the city and some green on top of a house, I wouldn’t say no to that. After a whole lot of food, mingling and just chilling on the roof we walked home, put a swim suit on and left for a new trip. A lady from church offered to come with us and together we went to a Hot spring. When walking around the area we saw some springs that were 90 degrees. Smoke was coming out of them! I’ll show pictures eventually! We also took a bath in some of the springs. It was really nice. We came home, had home made pizza and watched Casablanca.

Tomorrow: I’m in a mini show (something UWP call Back track show – BTS), our group is going to the cultural university which is situated on a very high hill (we can see it from where we live and I can just imagine the view) andwe’re also having a Kung Fu class (soooo exited!!!). At night we’re going to a concert with our host mom. :)
Now: Sleep time.

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  1. Hej syrran!
    Vi saknar dig här hemma.

    hoppas du gör dig bra som en tjock liten kung fu panda :)

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