Kayaing and the monestary

”You sing all the time. You’re a happy girl, aren’t you?”

This was the first thing my host mom Donna said to me this morning. I got so moved hearing it, because I am happy. Thank you! So the day started well. A long run with good music and then off to go kayaking on the Colorado River. It was so nice. I love kayaking, you get so close to nature. The kayaking ended in an hour on the beach, just chilling out in the sun and you could tell that this was the first time in a long time that we had some free time. Everyone was going crazy.. Loved it!

Departured with the bus to an elementary school where we had an awesome pot lock lunch with our host families. Some people talked about our impact on the community here in Bullhead. A guy talked about the problems in our world and that he after watching our show realized that we might be the answer. It touched my heart. It was just a great atmosphere with good music, food and people.

I found out yesterday that I am one of the 10 people (over 50 applied) that is going to stay at a monastery for a week in Taiwan. I wrote my application Thursday morning and I knew a lot of people applied and didn’t expect at all to be chosen but hey, here I am. I am so excited! Seven girls are going to live with nuns for a week and three boys are staying with munks! It’s crazy!

Now I’m going to do some laundry, pack and then hang out by the pool. Tomorrow we’re leaving for Taiwan!!

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  1. Gud så häftigt att få bo med nunnor! Det låter verkligen hur häftigt som helst. Jag blev väldigt avundsjuk när jag läste det.
    Hoppas du har det bra med UWP! Det är lite tomt utan dig hemma i Rönninge.

    Kram Helena

  2. Grattis gumman!! :) blir inte ens förvånad längre över vad du lyckas me :P du verkar ha de underbart där borta! Saknar dig massor, men nu har i alla fall skolan börjat med inspark och allt så har inte en enda ledig stund nu i början :P Love you happy girl <3

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