It hurt so much I cried. But then again I haven’t cried yet, and I believe I had to.

Benji told me to get better. Dru held me and I started to cry, left small wet stains on his show costume. Dillon gave me water and a kiss on my forehead. Emma hugged me, gave me her ipod and phone in case I wanted to call home. She told me I was cute when I cried. Hans held my hand. Joelle tried to feet me some bread. Will gave me a t-shirt pillow.

I know other people was there for me too (thank you) but these are some of the glimpses I remember.  They moved me from the soft couch in the dressing room to the hard floor in the dance room. I didn’t mind really, sleeping on hard materials is now something I’m used to. When lying on the floor, in a corner of that room, I listened to the first songs in the show. I soon fell asleep and had strange fever dreams.

I woke up today with an even worse headache. The tyfon had at this time hit Taiwan for real and our show for today got canceled. We were told to stay at home. I was relieved. A day off was excatly what I needed. So I slept in. Emma gave me some migraine pill. Made my head heavier, yet the pain slowly dissapered. Cæcilie bought me a kinder egg. We watched Twilight, stayed inside. Talked. Slept. Rested. Talked. The storm was making the windows shiver, the rain making the air even more humid. After lunch we took a walk in the rain. The wind was not as strong anymore and it was easy to breath.

I’m now sitting on the balcony in the temple. Raindrops occaisonly fall around me. I listen to Joshua radin but my headphones can’t shut out the drums and songs from the ceremony going on. I’m feeling better.

2 reaktioner på ”It hurt so much I cried. But then again I haven’t cried yet, and I believe I had to.”

  1. Annicka!

    I hope the headache is gone and that it’ll never come back! You said you started criying from the pain and that your friends were there for you. Being there simply by giving you a hug, a nice word or a pat. That’s what friends are for. That’s what makes a difference.
    Hang in there and get well! Love you forever!

  2. I guess you might have forgotten me! I teach you to dance, remember? 9 / 17, I went to your show I have to tell you 9 / 18 I will go, but I have not seen you. So you headaches!! You have better? I have been thinking about how the how did you come and perform? Finally know.

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