Food. Kort och gott.

The food. I came to this country with a lot of different expectations regarding the food. At one hand I know asian food is good, on the other hand I’ve heard a lot about the strange specialties, like chicken feet, stinky tofu etc.

So far I’ve experienced a lot of different foods. At first I wrote a list of all the strange things I’ve tried but I realized making that list would be like writing a book. I’ve tried chicken feet, rooster butt, seaweed, all types of different fried vegetables and we have rice every single morning. The worst thing I’ve had is an egg, hard boiled in tea. I wanted to die when I had it, for real. Other than that (and some few other things) I really like the food here. This is some of the food I’ve had:

Some fruit drinks. Very juicy and hopefully naturally (it said 100% on the lid of these and we asumed it was followed by ..fruit or ..natural ingredients). I had one of these with lemon and ”mini oranges”.

Fried sweet potatoes (If I’m right). Very good.

Moon cake! A sweet desert for celebrating the moon festival (held on september 25th).

Seaweed. Served cool. Very good.

Some fried seafood. Don’t relally know If I liked it..

Some kind of root. Tastes a little bit like potatoe. So good!

On the ice-creams here they really encourage you to eat it all!

On the CI-sight we were at the day before yesterday (a school) we were served mooncake (left), a meatball dish (middle) and the classical Bubble tea! The Bubble Tea is a milk tea with small balls of something (I feel bad for not knowing what it is). You drink it with a big straw so the small balls get sucked up in it once in a while. It is good but the best thing is that it is FUN to drink it.

The meatball thing mentioned above.

Chicken feet.

Me eating chicken feet.

Pomelo is my new favorite fruit.

Dragon fruit. Love it.

Having dinner here always means we sit down with a lot of different dishes.

Some kind of jello flavored with tea I believe. I don’t like the texture but the taste was good.

This is what it looks like when you’ve eaten sugar cane. You bite it, suck the juice and then you spit it out.

A typical lunch.

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