Community impact

There is no time. No time to update. To write my stories. No time to edit pictures. It frustrates me that I can’t accept that. I want to be able to face the fact that there is no time. I can edit pictures later. I can tell my stories later. I am just afraid that I will forget. I am afraid that since we are doing so much, going through so many things, that I wont remember them all.

This whole week has been filled with different community impact projects. Two days ago I was in a elementary school, playing with kids and helping to paint a wall. Yesterday I was in a junior high school and I had a really good time. They had prepared so much for us, welcoming food (I had chicken feet, weird meat balls, pomelo – which is my favorite fruit in the world right now – bubble tea, moon cake and a bunch of other things), a little play to explain the moon festival that is coming up next week and they played music. These kids were talented. One boy played a bamboo flute and some kids played the piano. I was really moved by the piano playing. The songs were beautiful and the kids were really gifted. I got really emotional (as always). The kids (and staff) treated us like rock stars. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us and I handed out both email address, blog and facebook name. We played games all day and I had a really good time.

Today we were a small group at a nursing home. We interacted with the elderly, performed a little bit, did karaoke, fed them and took some people in wheelchairs for a short walk (on a parking lot..). I have very mixed emotions about this day. Parts of me liked it, cause I could see that we did inspire at least a couple of people and some were smiling. Most parts of me didn’t like it though. I just got the feeling that the people weren’t treated so good. They were not mistreated but I got the feeling they’re helped with their daily needs and nothing more. I could here people screaming and that really affected me.. Some good things though: An 100-year-old lady was clapping while we sang Up With People, an old man reminded me of my grandfather (died 9 years ago) and a cute old lady who was really shy to start with after a while gave in and reached for my arm to curiously observe my watch and bracelets.

Now we’re going to do some meditation in the temple. I am incredibly excited! I have many pictures from above mentioned CI (community impact) sights but woops I ran out if time again. Talked to Pernilla on Skype yesterday and realized that if my opinion on time was messed up before I left for Up With People.. then I don’t even know what it is now. The days go by so fast and we still do so much. I can’t believe all the things I’ve done in the past two months and at the same time I can’t believe it has been two months already. Time flies! Good thing I happen to be the pilot! Later!

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