Next stop: Hopi!

The week is over. The week we’ve been waiting and preparing for. Over. Done. Färdig. It went by so fast, and it turned out to be a good week. After the shows today we did strike and went home. I have been packing and doing laundry and I’m now going to bed. My plan was to upload pictures before leaving tomorrow, cause I will most likely not have Internet for at least a week now. Next stop on our tour is Hopi nation! I am so excited. But as much as I’m excited I’m also tired right now. Therefor: pictures can wait. So, until next time (which probably is in a week):

  • Take care!
  • Make love, not war!
  • Be jealous with me being in Hopi!


En reaktion på ”Next stop: Hopi!”

  1. Lycka till hos Hopi-indianerna! Ja, jag är lite avundsjuk!
    Dina inlägg är helt underbara att läsa…man riktigt längtar till nästa.
    Jag älskar dig för att du älskar livet! / Mami

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