Hard work work. But fun. We go to meetings and mixers and gatherings. We promote and sell and make people love us. It’s fun. But then we also spend a lot of time at the office, and that’s not a lot of fun. Buuuut it’s work that needs to be done.

The benches here are beautiful!



We have a baby Scorpion in the kitchen. It surprises me that it’s still alive..

I had Rootbeer today. I know I’ve had it before and I’ve hated it but Dru made me try it again today. It was definetly not as bad as I remembered it and to be honest I kind of liked the ”after taste” of it. It reminded me of Jägermeister+Redbull..

Time for me to go to bed. I’m planning on getting up early to go out running so I better get some sleep. Goooodnight.

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