The plaza where Yapaha took place.

A part of the village in which we were staying.

A part of the village in which we stayed, again.

At our community impact day my group cleared out and old storage house on a schools property. We found a bunch of stuff we didn’t want to throw away. Some we gave to kids and some we kept. This mini version water color palette I kept for myself.

The house my host dad grew up in.

One of the many beautiful sunsets. This was by the way the view from our kitchen.

A glimpse from the village when the sun set.

In the corn field, putting up scare crows.

Beautiful little girl with moonlight.


The best sunset was watched with good friends and a guitar.


A grass hopper.

Host dad showing us which blue corn is ready.

2 reaktioner på ”Hopi”

  1. Wow, Annicka, vilka bilder! Veckan i Hopi land måste ha varit en fantastisk upplevelse. Ser fram emot att du berättar lite mer så småningom.
    Stor kram!

  2. If I google ”yapaha hopi”, your site gives the two first hits, third is a password protected AIE = American Indian Experience, and fourth is a Lakota-Russian dictionary. You have to tell us more about Yapaha!

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