A picnic three years ago and a little bird

My mom commented on my last post, about Mount Lemmon, how we went there three years ago for a picnic with a bunch of Up with People alumni. Well mom, I remember! Once we started driving up I knew where we were and we even passed the area where we had the picnic. I had no idea I was gonna come back but hey, I did! I was all excited.. Haha.

Have been with my host family to church today. Me and Dru got a table so we promoted the show, Up with people and tried to get people interested in hosting. We met a lot of friendly people and a bunch of them seamed interested in hosting which is awesome!

I have a new charm on my bracelet! I told my host mom about my bracelet and she gave me a charm that she had bought but never used! It’s a little roadrunner and it’s super cute! It’s representing Arizona and my host mom Monica. Than you so much!

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