A little report

Yesterday we were at an elementery school and did something we call Stand For Peace. It’s a program where we hang out with kids in their classrooms and do different workshops and activities with them. It was very fun and the kids where creative and active. I loved it. Things that happened:

  • A couple of 12-year old boys came up to us after the session and asked for our autographs.
  • A little girl was to quote Martin Luther King and said: ”As John King said…”
  • I asked a kid to point out Sweden on a world map. The kid points at north eastern Russia.
  • The children got very emotional and serious when we starting to talk about respect. To hear their thin, high pitched voices talk about how the ”older kids pick on the younger” and that ”some people get bullied because of their skin-color or clothes or whatever” really touched my heart.

Today was my first Community Impact project. In every city we go to we to community service or volunteer work. In Marana, where we are now, we went to the Heritage Conservancy Farm. This is an organic farm of 14 acres that provide the local Food Banks with vegetables and fruit. What we did today was to help out with whatever they needed help with. Some of us helped tearing down a broken shade structure and other people mixed cement to build a new one. Myself and a 20 others spent the day pulling weed. It was 110 Fahrenheit today and that was in the shade. Just imagine how hot it was in the sun, where we were. I’m glad I had sunscreen!

Tomorrow is Sound Assembly day, which means we’re having a short show on a high school for 500-600 students. I’ve decided to join although I’ve missed out on big parts of the show and the rehearsals. I’ll do my best! And I can’t beleieve this week is almost over! Hopi nation is getting closer… Exciting!

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  1. Åh ni ska till Hopi Nation! Du kommer uppleva ett helt annat syn på livet som är så underbar, annorlunda och overklig, ja allt på samma gång men oj så kul du kommer ha! Enjoy :)

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