A great sunday

Today has been a great day. Went up early and hit the gym with Pernilla. Took a quick shower and had breakfast by the pool. Spent a few hours at the pool area, hugged Anette and Pernilla goodbye and spent some more time by the pool. Not complaining. Haha. Arrived at the Worcesters’ house in the afternoon. They have a very neat home with a lovely backyard where they grow grapefruits, lemons and pomegranate ! We picked pomegranate and ate, just like that! Amazing! We also tried the prickly pear (a fruit that grows on the cactus). It was amazing as well.

This house contains tons of people at the moment. I think we are twelve or something staying here right now. Let’s just say it’s a full house. And they know Linda and Bruce that I stayed with in Denver (small world, not even surprising anymore…) so we skyped with them tonight. Nice talking to them, can’t believe how fast this past week has been!

Me and Pernilla right after she and Anette arrived the other day.

Me and Marjo at the hotel where the Reunion took place.

The family in which I’m now staying has three dogs. Cocoa, above, caught a lizard today. I got him on camera. Busted!

The lizard.


And the sun was setting and it’s always beautiful.


Tomorrow I’m heading out for the next city on the road. Fun thing is that my travel day wont contain too much travel. Marana is about ten minutes away from this house..

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