A crying-story and some PR

Lots and lots have happened.

We arrived in Tucson. A whole lot of trouble, misunderstandings, lack in communication and bad timing ended in some people getting hurt, a lot of people crying and some people just being confused. The whole thing led, unexpectedly, to me staying with Pernilla and Anette at the hotel where the Up With People Reunion has been taking place. Everything happens for a reason and this crying-story ended very good for me.

The reunion has been great. I’ve met a lot of people (some that I’ve met before or have mutual friends with), performed twice, seen shows, hung out with the japanese comparison of Up With people – A Common Beat. Today we also got some time to hang by the pool.

Tomorrow I’ll be transfered from the hotel to a new family. I’ll be staying there for just one night because on monday – !! – I’ll be heading on the road again. I lent in my application for PR (advance work) last week and has been chosen as one out of two to travel ahead for our next city on the road and make it ready for the cast! It’s going to be great! Walking in my moms footstep?

2 reaktioner på ”A crying-story and some PR”

  1. Älskade dotter!
    Lyckotårar trängde fram. Du kan inte ana hur det känns!!!
    Lycka till nu på ditt första PR-uppdrag! Vilken stad ska du åka till?
    Det kommer att bli toppen!

    Fick mail från Kevin Dulainey och Pat Berry Glassner från MITT cast 77 C, de hade sett er uppträda och tyckte du var fantastisk på scenen. Gissa om jag är stolt!!

    Stor kärlek!
    Hälsa Anette och Pernilla!

  2. Hej!
    Vet inte om mina direktsvar via mailen når dig eller om man måste gå härigenom?

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