Dinner last night at the backyard with the neighbors.

Today we went to the town Boulder, right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We meant to go to this arts-thing but it showed up to be next weekend so we pretty much just strolled around in a few shops (that were so awesome I figured I have a BIG problem: How am I going to be able to travel in this country (and others) for half a year and not being able to buy stuff!?!). Boulder was a cute town, very neat and kind of relaxed. People seemed to be chill about life, the way I like it.

Boulder from a view point before we got there.

Pearl Street, Boulder

And we had the best sushi!

On our way home again we stopped at the Celestial Seasonings tea manufacturer. We had a nice tour through the factory, free tastes of their teas and then bought some tea at the lovely tea shop. One of the cool things we did on the tour was going in to the ”mint room” where they kept all the speer-/peppermint herbs. Inside that room the smell of mint was indescribable and my eyes started itch, like very bad. I literally started crying!

Ina, Joelle and Linda having tea and the Tea Shop.

After the tour we pretty much came home, switched clothes and went to the Opening session of Up with People. It was so great to see parts of the show and of course meet the cast again. And a fun thing (which at the time feels so distanced and NOT FOR REAL AT ALL) we found out is that we, when going back to the states after being in Taiwan, are going to perform in the White House in front of Barrack Obama. I still can not believe it. I can’t hope for it yet cause it is too good to be true. I’m sure (but I hope I’m wrong) something will show up that will prevent mr president from wachting us :(.

Opening session.

I just got in (omg no it’s like an hour ago now) from a little walk with Joelle. We went wondering around at the golf course close by. I realized I’ve never, in my whole life, been at the golf course and I was so fascinated by the grass. It’s like soft, like a carpet, or (as Joelle said) a shaved head.. Hmm.. Well. We kind of went on a little adventure there and almost got lost in the neighborhood (but somehow showed up at the exact right spot!). We also found golf balls. Great souvenirs.

Joelle and me at the lovely, soft grass and the sky, that was even more beautiful before this (when I didn’t have my camera :/).

But no: sleeeeep! Tomorrow: up erly, starting with ”Getting to know each other”. I can’t wait!!

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  1. hej gumman! Det är verkligen super kul att läsa hur de är där borta! Du verakr ha hamnat i en jätte trevlig familj! vilken tur du har! :) Saknar dig redan! sköt om dig <3<3 love

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