Scavenger hunt downtown and pool party

The days go by so fast. It’s friday tomorrow, AGAIN. It feels like it has been three months since I left home but at the same time it feels like I just arrived. And last friday was like yesterday?

Today was, as all days, awesome. We practiced the show in our show costumes today. Oh it’s gonna be a hell of a show, that’s for sure. After a couple of hours of that, and a vocal lesson, we went downtown Denver. Divided into smaller groups, we were sent out on a scavenger hunt! Taking pictures and recording video of different stuff in the city is what we were supposed to do, and so we did. It was great to see downtown! I loved it!

After a couple of hours running around, sweating, downtown we headed for the pool party. Me and Joelle had planned ahead and thought we were all set since we made our host mom leave our swim wear (and the amazing banana pie) at the pool area so we didn’t have to bring the stuff downtown and could therefor go directly to the party. So we arrived at the party (after driving around for A WHILE) and figured out that our stuff had been lent off at the wrong place. Our swim wear and towels and the pie (!) were somewhere we weren’t. Somehow we kinda managed to get in the pool anyway. It was a great night and it was a whole lot of fun to meet everyone (cause it was a lot of people from the cast there) a little bit ”off the record”, a little more casual. I liked it.

I just hope I get to get my bikini back. And a little bite of that pie..

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