My up with people bracelet

I’m making a bracelet for my Up with People adventure. My idea was to buy (or make/steal/find) a charm in every city i go to and make a bracelet out of it. Today – last day in Denver – we went to Walmart and got some things for it. I bought a chain and a few charms. I kind of cheated a little bit and got three different charms but I decided that was allright. Since it’s my bracelet I get to follow my rules. If I want more than one charm in one city, I am allowed to have that. I don’t even have to ask for my own permission. As soon as I collect more I’m gonna attach them to the chain and hopefully update you about what I’ve gotten!

My bracelet so far:

1. The strawberry: This is representing Linda (my host mom here in Denver!) and the strawberries she made last week (?). It really showed her creativity and believe me: they were delicious!

2. The wing: Representing me leaving home. I’ve never been away from home for half a year before and it’s gonna be a challenge to try my wings, be on my own (although among people).

3. The mushroom: This charm is representing Joelle (my first host sister) because when we were out on a walk the other day we found a bunch of mushrooms. It’ll represent her and our little adventures!

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