”It’s just one of those days”

Today has been great. Had a session about expectations for the semester this morning, followed by 6 (!!) hours of dancing. I have so much choreography in my head right now, I might DIE if I try to put in some more.. It was tiering but it was so so much fun. I loved it!

Coming back home today (and after having a well deserved shower) we had dinner with a Belgian family that’s visiting my host family. I learned some Flemish by Liselot, a girl in my cast, today, to impress the family. Haha! It was a great evening that included a lot of different languages being spoken. We spoke English and Flemish and German and Swedish. Crazy mix in my head atm but it was fun. Laughed a lot.

Exhausted is what I am. And I need the sleep. And something special is going on tomorrow… Sneak peak:

En reaktion på ””It’s just one of those days””

  1. Hallå! Hoppas du fått sova gott nu, så du är utvilad.
    What’s going on today (tomorrow)? Is Santa coming your way? I’m a little confused. Keep me posted when you find the time!
    Hugs from Mami

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