Host family day

This day has been great! Went to go rafting (!!) with Joelle, Linda, Sophia, Ina, Nancy and Anneleen. A three-hour-ride that started with the fact that our car was undrivable. The brakes were done! A friendly neighbor lent out his car! The drive there was beautiful. We went trough the Rockies and saw (believe it or not) the end of the rainbow. I can barely describe it! It just stopped, right there, outside our car, while we were driving. Indescribably beautiful!

And the rafting was awesome! I have a few pictures on Lindas camera that I’ll upload when I have time.

I just had dinner at the neighbors house and am now going to work on a little project we have to finish before tomorrow. I’m going to make a page about me. Pictures, information etc etc. I’m gonna email it tonight, let’s say I wanna be done in.. an hour? Photoshop, here I come.

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