First show

First show.
It turned out good and it was so much fun. In ten days we’ve learned a show that lasted and made a good impression. We’re talking about a 45-minute long show. That is crazy.

During one song in the show we have children singing with us on stage. I was one of those from the cast who should lead the kids on stage and then stand with them, as some kind of support. In my case it turned to be a little harder then expected. The little boy (approximately 5 years old) standing in front of me kept on wanting my attention, on stage, during the show. He pulled my arm, asking things and I tried to turn him facing the audience (instead of facing me) and gently put a hand on his back telling him to ”just sing!”. Hahaha it was crazy. When offstage I asked if he wanted to hold my hand when we went on stage and he hung on to my arm like a koala bear. Kids..

It’s been a long day and a long week. It’s time for some sleep. And tomorrow is host family day! YAY! Goodnight.

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  1. Har nu läst igenom ditt äventyr från början till slut. Fascineras av det du upplever och skriver om. Har en fråga om showen, är man indelade sångare/dansare/band eller hur fungerar uppdelningen? Vad är det för typ av musik som framförs?

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    David. Cast A 2011

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