A twelve hour day deserves a good twelve hour night, right?

Okay so things are rolling. A week has passed, and it feels like two days, at the same time as two months. We have done so much in such a short matter of time! Time drives you crazy, and that’s why it’s so fascinating.

So what’s going on? Well. I’m getting up in the morning, at around 6.30 (usually I wake up earlier, reason unknown) and have breakfast before we leave at around (and no later than- cause Breton, who’s taking us- will be MAD) 7.20. We drive to the school where we spend our days. The school has a room where we have morning meetings, workshops and sessions, as far as vocal lessons, a big lobby where we can chill out or practice choreography and a theater that we as well get to practice movement on.

We’ve spent the week with sessions, getting-to-know-each-other-stuff, fitness, vocal lessons, choreography-training etc. etc. It is a looooot of fun! Since our days are filled with rehearsing for our first show, which is in less than two weeks, I’m not taking a lot of photos.. This doesn’t really bother me in any way more than I would have liked to post some photos here.. I guess I’ll have more time for that while being on the road. Please be patient :)

We had a twelve(and a half!)-hour day at the school today, doing all sorts of stuff (culture education session, dance classes, vocal lessons… the list goes on). After coming back home, talking to Linda (and started to plan for Sundays rafting trip), had some newly baked cookies (even the once that ended up burned and on the floor hahaa!) me, Joelle and the neighbors uwp-girls went for a walk on the golf course again. Got back home a little while ago (struggling with Joelle to get into the locked house…), took a shower and shall now sleep. A long nice nights sleep is what’s waiting. A twelve hour day deserves a good twelve hour night, right? Haha, like I would ever be able to sleep for twelve hours. We’re not meeting until 12.30 tomorrow! I have two dance workshops which are both gonna be awesome. So goodnight party people!

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