A lovely sunday

As all Sundays, this Sunday was Host family day = a day off. I got up at nine, had breakfast with Linda, Joelle and the Belgian family that are here visiting. Took a long walk with Joelle and met the others at the pool club. Spent most part of the day by the pool. Relaxing and lovely nice. Just what I needed.

When clouds started to appear and we realized that my skin slowly turned pink (hey I never get sunburned but I guess Colorado is a little higher up than old cute Sweden) we decided to leave. Went to King Sooper and bought some things we needed. Got back home, started to pack (we leave Tuesday!!) and then had dinner with the neighbors. It was a great night with great people.

Now: time to pack the rest of whatever I’ve spread out in this house. Tomorrow is luggage-drop off cause the bags will be taken to Tucson by truck and not by plane like us. I therefor have to pack smart.. Gosh..

Here are a couple of pictures from today. It turned out to be pictures of people only. Nice.

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