A long day

Long day.

Had a workshop with Eric Lentz. We talked about legacy, embarrassment and reputation. And he made us a song that we got to sing. It was freaking beautiful.

Then we danced. Added a few things for the love medley. And I, who has zero experience in couples-dancing, was thrown around in the air by Martin from Slovakia. All creds to that guy who could handle me. Although it was hard it was a lot of fun.

After dancing we went to staging and blocking. This means that we got to practice the whole show on stage. Since we, until now, only have practiced songs and dances a part it was awesome to see how the show is gonna look like when we’re doing it. Our first show is this saturday (!!!!) but that’s only for host families and it’s kind of a dress rehearsal so it’s not the ”real deal”. But still.

We had a quick dinner and then it was time for Culture Jam! This is an event, that we invite host families to, where you can perform with whatever you feel like from your country or culture. Me, the tree other swedes, the two danish girls, the norwegian girl and one of the girls from Finland did Santa Lucia. I was a little elf (or more like a creepy santa clause).

When getting home, after getting some stuff at a store, Joelle made a banana- and coconutpie. Me and Breton helped her to decorate it. It turned out to be a pie with a heart, the letters UWP, two dinosaurs and a snail. Isn’t it lovely?

Okay so I really need the sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be great. We’re having staging with show costumes and then we’re going downtown Denver for a Scavenger hunt. After that it’s a pool party in our neighborhood which is gonna be great. G-night!

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